A warzone nurse from Merthyr Tydfil has completed nearly a million steps on the road back to fitness after treatment for breast cancer.

Andrea Davies-Tuthill, 52, who was keen to regain her strength as she’s unable to exercise like she used to , was one of the stars of the popular S4C show, FFIT Cymru.

Her battle to get fit and maintain healthy eating habits are not helped by the long shifts she works at the hospital and gruelling tours of duty with the Army which have included visits overseas to war-torn Afghanistan.

Over seven weeks Andrea and the four other leaders from all over Wales transformed their health by following bespoke fitness and food plans set by the programme’s four experts, including former Love Island contestant and fitness coach Connagh Howard.

At the end of the series the scales showed her weight at 12 stone exactly, a loss of one stone three pounds.

Personal trainer Rae Carpenter revealed she had completed nearly a million steps during the series.

She added at the start of the process Andrea had the fitness level of a woman in her 80s but now it was closer within her age range.

“You are an inspiration to anyone who has battled cancer. You have worked so hard every week,” she said.

After visiting a stylist and having her hair done Andrea was shown one of her old dresses which is now far too big for her.

“I’m half the woman I was, I’ve come a long way,” she said.

Husband Gwyn said: “She looks fantastic. The journey has been an amazing one, from how she was before to now is such a transformation. It’s been a pleasure to watch and be a part of it.”

Modestly Andrea said she still has work to do, adding: “It’s been amazing but it’s been a tough journey and I would have liked to do better. I didn’t reach the target every time.

“I don’t know what happened but between the steroids and the exercise something incredible has taken place. After the 5k I couldn’t believe I could have felt so six weeks previously.”

Andrea added she had enjoyed meeting the other leaders and working with the experts through the medium of Welsh.

Andrea was joined in the series by chapel minister Dylan Parry, 34, from Bridgened; Matthew Rees, 46, butcher from Carmarthen; Linette Gwilym, 33, a social worker from Llanrug near Caernarfon, and  Kelly O’Donnell, a teaching assistant from Bethel near Caernarfon;.

Series producer Siwan Haf said: “We are thrilled that all our leaders have made such fantastic progress in getting their health back on track.

“We’ll meet up with them again in six months time. The aim now is for them to continue with their new, healthier lifestyles so that they can continue to make become even healthier.

“I also want to pay tribute to Lisa Gwilym and our experts who have guided and inspired them every step of the way on this journey.”

She added FFIT Cymru is able to offer support to everyone and viewers can take part at home too by following the special food and fitness plans online on the FFIT Cymru website, www.s4c.cymru/ffitcymru, and on social media @ffitcymru for free.

The FFIT Cymru series can be seen on S4C Clic, BBC iPlayer and other streaming platforms as a box set. English subtitles are available.