Audi A8 plug-in hybrid drive by Steve Rogers

It is packed with the sort of wizard technology you would expect to find in a jet fighter with a computer system to match,  and thanks to an electric motor Audi’s luxury A8 is good to go until 2035. Hybrid cars have been given a five year lease of life after new petrol and diesel […]

Honda e drive by Steve Rogers

So now we know. Come 2035 and production of petrol and diesel cars will end for good. Jo Public won’t be able to buy a new conventional engined car after 2030 and the only exception to electric will be hybrid or plug-in hybrid models which will have a five year grace period until the shutters […]

Suzuki Across road test by Steve Rogers

What’s this? A Suzuki that looks suspiciously like a Toyota Rav4. Nothing suspicious about it, this is a Rav4 with a Suzuki badge. So what’s this all about? It is quite simple, Toyota, one time world’s biggest car company, has taken fellow Japanese, but smaller car company Suzuki, under its wing and is sharing its […]

Cupra Formentor road test by Steve Rogers

This is Seat getting serious. The Spanish car maker has always been the sporty sibling in the Volkswagen family and its new Cupra brand has taken it to another level. Formentor, named after a bay on the Spanish island of Majorca, is Cupra’s first exclusive model and is meant to make a big statement. If […]

Farmers urged to get smart to combat rural crime by beefing up security

A police chief is urging farmers in North Wales to use low-powered smart sensors to combat farm thefts. North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin is backing a new scheme to encourage the farming community to tap into wireless technology. The LoRaWAN (Low Power Long Range Wide Area Access Network) is especially suited to […]

Land Rover Discovery Sport road test by Steve Rogers

So, you would like a new Range Rover but 80 grand is too salty for the pocket. Solution. Troll the second hand market, or maybe there’s a better option… buy a new Discovery Sport. This is as close as you can get to the big man without paying the big bucks, although you’ll still need […]

Vauxhall Mokka road test by Steve Rogers

When my neighbour is round to spy the latest test car before the engine has cooled it must be something tasty. In this case it was the new Vauxhall Mokka and it was the front of the car that caught David’s eye. No surprise there, whatever you thought of the styling of the old Mokka […]

Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake road test by Steve Rogers

It is amazing how a sloping roof and lashings of chrome can change the character of a car and even give it the wow factor. The Arteon is a case in point. When the saloon, or fastback to give it its proper title, was launched in 2017 it was nothing more than a posh Passat, […]

Honda Jazz road test by Steve Rogers

For nigh on 20 years the Honda Jazz has held the unofficial title of most practical supermini on the planet. Yet even this enviable accolade has not been enough to make it the first car on the supermini shopping list, never enjoying the sales, or adoration, of the likes of Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa or […]

Audi A3 Sportback road test by Steve Rogers

Meet the new Audi A3 plug-in hybrid… every company car drivers dream come true. There are those who say the only people to benefit from hybrid and electric cars are those driving company cars because of the generous tax breaks. I drove a company car for more than 30 years and in the early years […]