A care organisation has created its very own pop up pub.

As a result, residents of Pendine Park in Wrexham can now enjoy a pint or whatever they fancy without having to leave the care home.

They can even get dolled up before going for a drink – because there’s also a pop up hair and beauty salon.

According to Pendine Park, which has seven care homes in Wrexham, the idea is to create a pub atmosphere where the residents can have a good time.

As well as having a drink, they can play dominoes, cards, bingo or even enjoy a pub quiz or some dancing.

Enrichment co-ordinator Olivia Thomas said: “It’s about bringing some normality to the lives of residents and giving them a chance to do things with their families that they would perhaps have done in the past.

“Actually going to a pub is just not an option for a number of our residents – but this way we can bring the pub to them to ensure they don’t miss out on all the fun.

“It’s all about enriching and improving the quality of life for our residents. The world is a better place if you can have a good time and a good laugh.

“We have created some panels to make it look like a real pub and have lots of accessories like beer mats and bar towels.

“Our talented artist in residence, Sarah Edwards, also designed and made panels to replicate a hairdressing salon.

“It means we can set them up even in a residents’ room so they really feel like they are getting ready to go out. It’s proving so popular.

She added; “We serve beer, Pims, soft drinks, cocktails and mock-tails, which are non-alcoholic cocktails.

“It’s about jogging memories and allowing people the chance to have some quality time with their families and other residents.

“And it certainly seems to work. One gentleman who rarely gets involved with activities came in and his face literally lit up. He even danced, enjoyed a pint of beer and was chatting and telling jokes.

“There is also no doubt that partners and other family members enjoy the events enormously too. We are holding the pop-up hair salon events at all our homes and the pop-up pub at all the homes with the exception of Penybryn, our brain injury unit.

“However, we do have plans to do something there too so residents can get to enjoy a new experience.”

Marlene Mayo’s husband Bob, 75, has been a resident of Bodlondeb care home for four years and she says the pop-up pub has had a positive effect on her husband.

She said: “Bob suffers from vascular dementia and is now almost deaf too. He so enjoyed the pop-up pub and it’s helped me feel like our lives together are not quite over.

“Bob was always a big fan of John Denver and when they played Country Roads, the Denver song from way-back, there was a definite reaction. Without a doubt he responded to it.

“And I asked the staff to pour him a shandy which they did. When he tasted it his face literally lit up and he wanted the glass which he wouldn’t let go of.

“The whole idea is a total success in my opinion and you could see how everyone really enjoyed it. I can’t say enough about Pendine Park and Bodlondeb in particular, it has been my salvation.”

Marlene, who travels from her home in Oswestry every other day to visit Bob, added: “The problem I had with Bob was no home could contain him he kept absconding and going missing all the time.

“I visited several potential homes for Bob but from the moment I stepped inside Bodlondeb I knew this was the right place for him. I can’t praise his care enough quite frankly and I have worked in a clinical hospital environment myself over many years.”

Bodlondeb manager said: “The pop-up pub is about creating an ambience that will help us reinforce the message that we want residents, partners and visitors to have fun.

“It’s also about reaching into someone else’s world. The staff really get involved and make it fun and there is no doubt everyone embraces the whole concept.

“There is also no doubt it helps relatives, particularly partners, to remember some good times and forget their problems for a while.”

Meanwhile, Cindy Clutton, the manager of Hilbury, added: “It’s wonderful to see family members and residents really interact. It really is just like going for a night or afternoon out.

“We are able to have the pop-up hair and beauty salon in the morning and they can then go to the pop-up pub in the afternoon. Residents will talk about it for days.

“I have no doubt it’s a wonderful idea and really helps residents and their relatives share quality time together.”