Green-fingered schoolchildren have been busy brightening up a housing estate.

The pupils from Ysgol Tan y Marian and Ysgol Penmaenrhos helped more than 10,400 early flowering bulbs around the Parc Peulwys in Llysfaen to add a big splash of colour to the area next Spring.

The so-called Big Plant was organised by housing association Cartrefi Conwy and is part of an on-going regeneration and environmental improvement programme that has transformed the estate.

The schoolchildren were joined by tenants and players from the Rygbi Gogledd Cymru (RGC) rugby club to plant the mountain of bulbs.

Cartrefi Conwy’s Environmental Development Officer, Matt Stowe, says the species of bulbs were carefully chosen to ensure early flowering and so the flowers will die back before spring grass cutting gets under-way.

He said: “We have chosen four species of crocus, snowdrops, bluebells, cilia and fritillaria alongside the daffodils. I think everyone involved with the project is keen to see the show when spring arrives – it’s going to look absolutely spectacular.

“Hopefully, we will see an increase in bees, butterflies and other wildlife visiting the area as the flowers bloom

“The bulb planting is the final piece in the environmental regeneration of the Parc Peulwys estate. I think we have achieved our vision of creating a community to be proud of and I know many tenants and residents are delighted with how the estate now looks.

“And come spring when the bulbs flower, it is going to look even more spectacular and even more welcoming.”

The pupils from Ysgol Tan Y Marian and Ysgol Penmaenrhos were out in force in their wellies helping to plant bulbs.

Ysgol Tan Y Marian head teacher Rhian Jones said: “It’s been a great way to get children involved and to help develop their community spirit.”

It was a sentiment echoed by Lisa Pixton, the headteacher of Ysgol Penmaenrhos who added: “I think it gives the children a real sense of pride in the community in which they live.”

Rygbi Gogledd Cymru (RGC) community coach Alan James and young players, hooker Tim Grey, 17, and South African centre, Tiaan Loots, 19, came to plant a few bulbs too.

Alan said: “As part of our partnership working with Cartrefi Conwy we help out on as many community projects as we possibly can. It gives the players a chance to meet local school children and chat about the game while doing something worthwhile that helps the whole community.”

Cartrefi Conwy Parc Peulwys tenant Jim Fenton  chairs the estate’s Go Green Group which was set up to encourage residents to grow their own vegetables.

He said: “I have lived here for more than 20 years and I can see a total change in how the estate looks now compared to back then.

He added: “The idea of daffodils being used to replicate the sun’s rays around the sun dial feature is brilliant and is going to look really spectacular. It all adds to the sense of pride people now feel about the estate after all the work that has been done.

“I enjoy seeing people out looking at what we have done and admiring how the estate now looks. It has helped build the community.”

Tracey Rosean, who chairs a Parc Peulwys group called Heart Of which engages with children and young families through eco schemes and nature-based craft activities, says the bulb planting is making a big difference to the estate.

She said: “It is going to add a lot of colour and give people a lot of pride in their environment. It will certainly add to the activities we, as a group, have planned for springtime.”

Among those who spent the day planting were Parc Peulwys residents Brenda and Ray Mather.

Brenda, a pharmacy assistant, said: “It really is fantastic and a massive improvement to what we had before. We have lived here for around 34 years and have actually purchased our property.

“We are proud to live here and don’t want to live anywhere else quite frankly. It’s making such a big difference to everyone and how people think of their estate.”

Ray, who is retired, added: “It’s going to look really gorgeous in the Spring and I think it gives people a sense of pride. I don’t think Parc Peulwys has ever looked as good as it does now.”