A talented phone saleswoman has set up a fledgling business making mobiles of a different kind – to hang above babies’ cots.

Vicky Tymz, who works at 3 Store at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham, came up with the idea during a visit to New York.

Orders are coming in thick and fast and Vicky’s has even sold one back across the pond to a young mum in San Diego, in California.

According to Vicky, she loves her day job at 3 Store and her spare time is taken up making the bespoke children’s mobiles which she sells online and by word of mouth.

Her eureka moment came when she was looking at a mobile in a baby boutique in Brooklyn when she was on holiday in the Big Apple.

She recalled: “They were lovely and on sale for $200. I thought I’d love one but why pay that when I could make one myself?

“When I got home I set about the task and perfected some designs and that was that. I only started in October of last year but they have really taken off and I’m now getting orders from all over the place.

“I make them out of wood, wool, artificial fabrics and tulle, which is a kind of netting. I also make individual pom-pom letters so parents can make up their child’s name. It’s just something I enjoy

“I’ve just posted one to a young mother in San Diego, California and I sold a lot over Christmas. One lady bought one from me purely for herself – she hasn’t any children but thought the flower mobile would look really good in her conservatory.”

“I would eventually like to have my own shop to sell to sell the mobiles and other craft products.

“At the moment I love working at Three and enjoy meeting customers and selling mobile phones. We are always busy and I really enjoy working at Eagles Meadow.

“She added: “I also enjoy furniture up-cycling. I go around charity shops, warehouses and second-hand shops as well as car boot sales looking for suitable pieces of furniture.

“I then strip them back, re-varnish or paint and put new handles on, that sort of thing. It’s amazing what you can do and the difference you can make to a worn out tired cupboard or bookcase. I enjoy it too, it’s quite therapeutic!

“And to be honest old furniture is generally so well made compared to the flat-pack stuff you can buy now. I want things with character that are really well made out of proper wood.”

3 Store assistant manager Danielle Ward says Vicky’s mobile creations are amazing and admits to having bought several for her own one-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

She said: “They are fantastic and so well made while having a real personal touch. I love them!

“Vicky is so talented and creative. I also bought a couple of her creations so I could give them at Christmas gifts.”

She added: “I’ve been here four years now and Vicky is fantastic at her job, she gets on so well with her customers and the rest of the Three team. It’s just amazing that she sells mobiles in the day and makes them in the evening!”

Eagles Meadow manager Kevin Critchley was amazed at the often hidden talents of people who work in the shopping centre.

He said: “Vicky’s personalised mobiles are wonderful and she deserves huge credit for her entrepreneurial ideas. Vicky has been at 3 Store at Eagles Meadow a long time, in fact she joined the team just a couple of months after the store opened.

“She is an excellent example of what can be achieved if you have a dream, an idea and talent. It seems Vicky has an abundance of all Three!”

To find out more about Vicky’s creations visit: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NestByTor or visit her Facebook page at Facebook@NestByTor


Vicky Tymz, left, shows off her mobile creations to 3 Store assistant manager, Danielle Ward.

1,2 and 3: Vicky Tymz with some of her mobile creations.