Shoppers in Swansea’s Debenhams in the busy Quadrant Centre had a shock this week when they found themselves in the thick of a Flashmob.

Glamorous girls in green macs descended upon the store’s Benefit boutique to put on an impromptu show – when the music started, so did the action.

Benefits Boutique Manager Nikki Adams said: “We had quite a surprise and so did our customers but everyone enjoyed it, it was great fun.

“This took place to promote a range of skin care products we have – it’s something that Benefit are doing throughout the UK with high hopes of social media buzz.”

The activity is part of Benefit’s Pore o’clock guerrilla marketing which showcases a team of ‘SpyGals’ ambushing selected stores around the country, and handing out free samples with offers of makeovers.

An alarm bell announced the ‘SpyGals’ arrival followed by catchy music and a grouped dance routine which had shoppers’ heads turning.

Debenhams Manager James Loxdale said: “The Flashmob had quite an impact in our Cosmetics Hall and it’s a great way to add some fun and theatre for our customers.

“Benefit is a hugely popular brand at Debenhams Swansea and we are very proud of Nikki and her team.”

Ian Kirkpatrick, Manager of the Quadrant Shopping Centre, said: “We’re always happy to see something like this take place – it brings something extra to the offer we have here. I’m sure everyone who was here will have been talking about it.”