A company set up to help adults with autism has come up with a tasty idea so that people can pass on their favourite recipes to future family generations and share them with friends.

Llangollen-based Brythonium will be unveiling their range of recipe cards at the Hamper Llangollen food festival over the weekend (October 15 and 16)

They will be showcasing their Family Legacy Cards which can also preserve precious memories and family traditions.

Thousands of foodies are expected to flock to the popular festival which will see the Denbighshire tourist town become the culinary capital of Wales for two days of gastronomic delight.

The event is now recognised as one of the Top 10 food festivals in the UK.

Brythonium was set up by Dawn Roberts, 57, whose only daughter, Elinor, 21, has Autism, and Del Roberts-Jones. 66.

They say the Family Legacy Cards are a totally unique product made from archival paper that’s guaranteed to last at least 200 years.

Dawn said: “The idea behind Brythonium was to do something for people with Autism. We are passionate about building the company and eventually opening an autism friendly workshop in the Llangollen area.

“We want a place where adults with Autism, wherever they sit on the autism spectrum, can work, have a meaningful life, contribute to the world and earn a wage.

“We are passionate about this and intend to turn the business, which is currently a limited company, into a charitable trust. To do that we need to ensure the company is financially viable and doesn’t require grants to survive.”

“In this area of North Wales there is very little provision for adults on the autistic spectrum. That means they tend to lose the skills they learnt in school and become isolated.

“My own daughter, Elinor, has autism as well as having learning difficulties and epilepsy.

“I want people like Elinor to have somewhere where they can contribute and work, somewhere Autism-friendly and designed around their needs.

“We hope one day to offer work opportunities for young adults with autism or learning difficulties through the assembly and packaging of our Family Legacy Cards.”

Del worked as an economic development officer alongside Dawn at Wrexham County Borough Council before she retired and Dawn left to look after Elinor’s needs.

Explaining the concept of their Family Legacy Cards she said: “We looked at family history and the popularity of TV shows such as Who Do You Think You Are?

“We set up focus groups and found people, especially those in their 70s & 80s, didn’t want to go on computers and we found some people had family journals they just found too difficult or tiresome to fill in.

“So we designed cards that don’t have questions but on which people can record little bits of family history or write a personal message to loved ones as a keepsake.”

Del, whose oldest nephew is autistic, added: “The recipe card is designed so people can record how to make a favourite dish, perhaps a grandmother’s Christmas pudding, and keep it within the family for future generations to enjoy.

“Each card has an authenticity and provenance page to record who wrote it, where and when.

“We could have done something on computers but who knows where technology will be in 20 years’ time let alone 200 years. Programmes change and it might be what you record now on disc might not work in a few years’ time.”

According to Del the company’s name, Brythonium, comes from the fact Welsh is a Brythonic language. Brython was a Celtic name that changed, over time, to become Britain.

She added: “We are passionate about the Welsh language too. Currently we have six cards available in Welsh and 14 in English. The idea is to have a Welsh version of every card.

“We are looking forward to showing and explaining how Family Legacy Cards work to visitors to the Hamper Llangollen Food Festival.

Dawn said: “We have funded and nurtured this venture and we are absolutely committed to ensuring Brythonium leads to the setting up of a Charitable Trust and eventually to a workshop employing young adults with autism.”

Hamper Llangollen chair Colin Loughlin is looking forward to seeing Brythonium’s Legacy Cards.

“The cards are an excellent idea and we look forward to welcoming Dawn and Del to the Festival.

“The location of the Pavilion is absolutely spectacular – I can’t imagine that any other food festival in the UK has a more beautiful setting.”

To find out more about Brythonium please visit www.brythonium.co.uk and for more information about Hamper Llangollen please visit  www.llangollenfoodfestival.com