If you were wondering what to buy your little ones for Christmas, here’s the top 10 list of must-have presents in Wrexham this year.

According to The Entertainer toy shop at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre, a few classics have emerged as frontrunners.

But the favourite present for local youngsters is likely to be an interactive dress up doll called Lalaloopsy.

Staff at The Entertainer are already being kept on their toes as festive shoppers try to get their hands on this year’s must-have toys and stocking fillers.

Store manager Karen Clutton said: “The one game everyone is after is Pie Face which is a really fun yet simple idea. Basically players turn a handle the same number of times as the dice and at some point it triggers a hand to spring forward and splat the player in the face with foam.

“It is a massive seller so much so that we, as most retailers, struggle to get sufficient supplies. As soon as we get 20 or 30 units delivered they are literally gone in minutes.

“A short video of a granddad playing Pie face with his grandson was put on line and went absolutely viral. The result is it shot straight to the top of the toy charts.”

She added: “There are also plenty of more traditional toys on our top 10 list. The Lalaloopsy doll is a massive hit while Lego’s Star wars advent calendar set is also selling really well.

“The Nerf Elite Spectre Rev 5 splurge gun is also very popular with both boys and girls it seems and Disney’s Frozen is still huge hit with girls in particular and we have a Frozen Sing A Long Elsa which is doing well as is the Paw Patroller Deluxe Lorry.

“But it isn’t all about expensive toys. The RC Aventador 1:24 car and the DohVinci Memory Ribbon Board kit, which are both less than £10 are selling very well.”

Karen is confident it’s all adding up to being a record-breaking Christmas for the Eagles Meadow store.

She said: “We have been really busy and I expect that to continue right through Christmas and beyond. It’s a pleasure seeing so many happy faces, especially when customers manage to get their hands on a Pie Face game.

“It’s incredible, as soon as we get a delivery they are gone in minutes. It’s phenomenal but it really seems to be the must have game this year.”

Eagles Meadow shopping centre manager Kevin Critchley said: “The Entertainer is a wonderful addition to the centre’s retail offer. It’s a store that is always busy and the atmosphere is always really friendly and fun.

“I’m delighted the store is doing so well and keeping pace with the demands of shoppers for those must have Christmas toys.”

For more information about Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre, including store opening times, visit www.eagles-meadow.co.uk

For more information about The Entertainer visit www.thetoyshop.com

Top 10 Christmas toys in Wrexham

  1. Lalaloopsy dress-up doll – £10 A colourful interactive dress up doll that helps fire a child imagination. Made to look like a rag doll they can go on adventures and be dressed in different outfits.
  2. Lalaloopsy girls doll – £6 Another drsss up doll in the Lalaoopsy range.
  3. Nerf Elite Spectre Rev 5 splurge gun – £12.50 A customisable three piece blaster gun which fires foam darts. The gun can be tailored to the child’s exact Nerf battle needs. It has a folding stock when the player needs to make a steady shot and a barrel extension to ensure foam dart accuracy.
  4. Pie Face Game – £20 Fun game which involves the losing player getting a face full of foam or cream. Turn the wrench  the same number of times indicated by the thrown dice and hope the pie doesn’t hit you in the face.
  5. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar set – £25 Open a window every day to reveal a LEGO Star Wars gift. Set includes figures and holiday-themed droids. Vehicles include Jabba’s Sail Barge, Sandcrawler, Star Destroyer, Millennium Falcon, AT-AT, A-wing Starfighter and a sleigh. Also features an Ewok weapon rack, catapult, gun turret, blaster rack and Hoth command post.
  6. Paw Patroller Deluxe lorry – £59.99 Huge toy truck that can hold up to six Paw patrol vehicles when closed. Looks just like the lorry from the hit TV series.
  7. Tamagotchi Friend Egg – £10 A virtual pet for little girls. Children can take care of their virtual playmate and interact with other Tamagotchi digital friends.
  8. Frozen Sing A Long Elsa – £39.99 Frozen fans will love this interactive Elsa who sings the full length version of Let it Go. She can also take it in turns to sing or play an instrumental version so any child can be the star of the show.  Sing as a Duet: When the mic is placed in front of Elsa she’ll sing. When the mic is taken away, children can pick up where Elsa left off, or sing the whole song together. Children can also can sing the song themselves while Elsa plays an instrumental version.
  9. 9 RC Aventador 1:24 car – £8 The model RC Lamborghini includes a fully functional remote which can move the car in six different directions. Steer left, steer right or back up out of tight corners. An ideal gift for real racing fans.
  10. 10. DohVinci Memory Ribbon Board Kit – £6.50p Design in 3D using the Deco Pop tubes, Styler and add-on pieces to decorate a beautiful ribbon board. Dots, zigzag lines and other fancy details are a snap – just aim, squeeze, and design to your heart’s content.