A fast-growing Wrexham-based renewable technology business has seen its turnover rocket as it helps businesses across North Wales and the North West go green.

Rawson EV, which started three years ago installing electric vehicle charging points for homes and businesses, moved into solar energy last autumn and has seen a huge surge in business.

In the past 12 months, they have installed 5,000 solar panels, 4,000 at businesses, and seen their turnover jump from £300,000 in their first year to a projected figure of over £4 million in the current financial year.

It’s seen them short-listed for Business of the Year in the West Cheshire and North Wales Business Awards, a remarkable achievement for a company that’s only in its third year of operation.

There’s no sign of a slowdown as spiralling energy costs in the commercial sector, where there is no price cap, make installing solar panels and other forms of renewable energy a no-brainer.

Rawson EV and Solar was launched three years ago and is headed by Millie Rawson as an offshoot of the successful Rawson Digital founded by her father, Vaughn Rawson, to supply photocopiers and office equipment.

Now in its third year, Rawson EV and Solar is a huge success story with a recent contract to install 310 solar panels at leading electrical retailer Richer Sounds in Manchester, generating over 100,000 kWh of electricity a year, with work starting next month on a 1,000 panel installation at an industrial estate in Flintshire.

There is still also a demand for EV chargers and they have just completed an installation of 16 charging points at Beckers Industrial Coatings at Speke in Liverpool.

Millie said: “Rawson Digital made the decision to go green with electric vehicle charging points and solar panels but then we found that while for domestic properties the process is quite straightforward, for business premises you have to jump through lots of hoops.

“We stuck at it and were successful and now we can use our expertise in navigating the complicated application process for the benefit of our customers.

“We have grown organically from the parent company, starting as Rawson EV and installing charging points and then adding Rawson Solar and that’s where the real growth has come.

“The rise in energy prices has affected everyone and concentrated a lot of minds so that there has been renewed interest in solar and other forms of renewable energy, especially among businesses.

“While 70 per cent of our solar panel installations are on private homes the 30 per cent that are for businesses account for 80 per cent of the 5,000 panels we have installed this year.

“We are also looking to expand into ground and air-source power, small wind turbines and infra-red heating systems.

“We have seen huge growth in just three years in business in a very competitive market up against firms who have been established for a considerable number of years.

“We have been able to perform well above expectations with a huge increase in trading profits this year and that has helped us invest further in the business and double our staff numbers.

“That has been driven by solar power installations which have become really cost-effective as energy prices have soared, allowing us to build a brand customers can trust within a very short time.

“As we are committed to helping the community and the environment we have added new renewable sources which can drive more growth for the business.”

Rawson EV and Rawson Solar, along with Rawson IT Systems, are part of the Rawson Group founded by Vaughn Rawson to supply photocopying and printing machines for businesses and whose suite of services includes IT and the provision of solar PV and electric vehicle charging.

For more information Rawson EV and Solar go to https://r-evpower.co.uk/ and to https://r-evpower.co.uk/commercial-solar-panel-installer/ and for the Rawson Group, based at The Bridge Business Centre, in the heart of the Wrexham Industrial Estate, go to https://rawsongroup.co.uk/