An entrepreneur who holds a Guinness World Record for hula hooping is aiming to expand her stress-busting business across the UK.

Energetic businesswoman Sasha Kenny, the owner of Hoola Nation and Fit Philosophy, says gyrating with a hula hoop is a great way of coping with work-related pressures as well as promoting well-being for adults and children.

The company already operates in Wrexham, Shropshire and Cheshire and Sasha, 40, is now planning to go nationwide with the concept.

After discovering the joys of hula hooping, Sasha, who hails originally from Slovenia, started the Hoola Nation 10 years ago.

She hit the headlines and grabbed a place in the record books two years later when she ran the whole of the London marathon whilst hula hooping, completing the course in five hours.

According to the Mental Health Foundation roughly half a million people in the UK are suffering from work-related stress, and last year, each one of them lost an average of 23.9 working days.

With that in mind, Sasha has now launched Fit Philosophy which specialises in tackling work-related stress.

She is expanding with the help of top North Wales accountancy firm Coxeys, who have offices in Wrexham and Saltney, and she credits their expert guidance with giving her a foundation to succeed in business.

Sasha said: “It’s absolutely imperative that you have the right financial and tax advice when you’re running a company.

“Coxeys are really on the ball and they’ll always give you top class advice. They’re more business partners than accountants. That’s how I would class them.

“For a company that’s growing like us that’s really important. You need good advice to avoid any pitfalls and give you the confidence to grow.”

“I know that if I ask the question that I’ll get the right answer, a helpful answer, and a clear answer.

“As somebody who’s not great with finances it’s just nice to have that support. It gives you peace of mind for us to know that we’re doing the right things.”

Coxeys are now benefiting from Sasha’s expertise as she has started holding hula hoop sessions at both their offices.

She added: “Wellbeing is becoming increasingly important because stress is a big problem for all of us.

“I think there is so much you can do before you actually get to that stage, through keeping yourself physically active, mentally active. So that’s where we’re really helping.

“We should really start looking at these wellbeing initiatives much earlier on and that’s why we’re also helping pupils at schools

“Hula hooping impacts immensely on wellbeing and mental health. Most importantly it gives you the belief that you can achieve. It gives you that can do attitude.

“Pretty much anybody gets it within 15 minutes, half an hour. So to be able to do something you thought you’d never be able to do is brilliant. Secondly it gives you a brilliant entire-body workout

“It’s very mindful activity because you’re so focused on actually spinning the hoop that you forget about every day worries.”

Anthony Lewis, the managing director of Coxeys is thrilled with the success of Hoola Nation and Fit Philosophy.

He said: “Sasha is an extraordinary woman, and it’s no surprise to us at Coxeys to see her doing so well. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.

“Her businesses are certainly heading in the right direction and we are very pleased to have to opportunity to play our part in their continuing growth and development. “The potential for expansion is enormous. She has everything she needs to take things to the next level, and we’ll be doing everything that we can to help her make that happen.”