A world class orchestra treated residents of a care organisation to a Christmas concert to remember.

The trio of talented musicians from the Hallé, cellist David Petri, pianist Hugh Mckenna and violinist Caroline Abbott, played at two of Pendine Park’s homes in Wrexham

The festive delight for the residents of the Highfield and Hillbury homes came about as a result of Pendine’s long-standing partnership with the Hallé.

According to Sarah Edwards, Pendine’s artist-in-residence, it was an enchanting occasion for all concerned.

She said: “Our residents clearly enjoy their visits and it’s wonderful to see many of them joining in and singing along.

“The Halle musicians visit all our homes around eight times a year but the Christmas concert was very, very special.”

Cellist David Petri said:  “It’s clear residents gain a lot from our visits and we particularly enjoyed the Christmas event.

“The residents particularly enjoy playing instruments themselves. We hand out bells, triangles, tambourines and other percussion instruments and the residents always join in enthusiastically.”

Hillbury resident Margaret Newell said: “I love singing carols and Christmas songs. I’ve been singing them since I was a little girl and used to attend the Baptist chapel near Kidderminster where I was from.

“It’s lovely to see everyone having a good time and the staff dancing and singing along. I love Christmas and can remember what it was like when I was a little girl. I think Silent Night is my favourite.”

Fellow residents Olga Ord and Heather Davies also enjoyed singing along to the festive songs.

Olga said: “It’s lovely seeing the staff dressed up in Christmas outfits and relaxed and having a good time. I love Christmas and the concert. It’s marvellous hearing the musicians play carols and songs and being able to join in.

“The musicians are brilliant, really good, and they definitely get a party going! We have such a good time and it’s the start of Christmas for me.”

Heather added: “It’s nice to see everyone having a good time and all dressed up in Christmas outfits and tinsel. It’s really good fun and we have had a fantastic sing-along.

“I enjoy living here at Hillbury, there is always something happening. I’m from Wrexham and my son, Martin, comes to see and my two grandchildren, Ashley and Morgan do as well when they can get time off work.”

She added: “I’m looking forward to Christmas. Singing carols and having a good time has really got me in the mood. It’s been great seeing the staff have a good time too.”

Hillbury manager Cindy Clutton said: “This was a real festive treat for the residents and staff alike.

“It’s an important part of the Pendine Park ethos that we use the arts to enrich the lives of people across the generations. Our enrichment programme involves art in all its forms including music, poetry, storytelling and painting.

“The arts are embedded in all our staff training programmes to ensure that enrichment is a part of daily life for everybody here.”