A Welsh warehouse and distribution company has been hailed as the “best of the best” after achieving a rare accolade.

Wrexham-based McCarthy Distribution Ltd is one of the first companies in the UK to receive a special certificate for retaining the British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) accreditation for storage and distribution for 10 years on the trot.

The firm has consistently maintained the coveted AA rating every year since the grading system was brought in.

It was presented with the BRCGS certificate by the awarding body, Micron 2.

According to Managing Director Mike McCarthy, the honour was a “richly deserved” reward for the 16-strong warehouse team.

The McCarthy Group, which employs a total of 90 people, also has certification to store organic food raw materials.

The latest honour comes hot on the heel of news that the company has just signed a three year extension to a contract with global packaging giant, Wipak UK, which has a manufacturing base in Welshpool.

The company says it’s now building the foundations for future growth with a £1 million, 18,000 sq ft extension to its main warehouse at Elm Point on Wrexham Industrial Estate where it is also doubling the size of its truck parking yard.

The development is set to create an extra 10 jobs.

Quality and Compliance Manager Mike Scott said: “We have been at the highest level with our rating from the British Retail Consortium Global Standards for the past 10 years which is up there with the best of the best. To get to this level you have to be doing a lot of things unbelievably well and consistently all of the time.

“It’s testament to the way the guys in the warehouse do things. The key to any quality standard is that it is integrated effectively into your day to day business, that it’s ingrained in every process.

“All the team live and breathe product safety, they have really bought into the concept of doing everything to the best possible standard. They see it as part and parcel of their day job to keep the products safe.

“Throughout this period, there has been a constant raising of standards in the industry and the team here has risen magnificently to the challenge every time.

“It’s become ever more important in the marketplace that you retain high standards because what we do is all about food and food raw materials.

“The culture of any organisation is driven from the top and our Managing Director, Mike McCarthy, is passionate about us staying at the top of our game in terms of quality.

“It’s an approach that really does pay dividends in terms of attracting new blue chip customers and retaining the confidence of current clients.”

Warehouse Manager Steve Jones said: “A recent case in point was the three year extension we recently signed for storing packaging films for preserving and protecting food products made by Wipak.

“Quite rightly, they are demanding taskmasters because they insist on a number of things to be in place for you to retain your business with them.

“They were so happy and comfortable with what we do that they wanted to continue our partnership in the longer term which is brilliant news.”

“I am incredibly proud of the whole team because everybody has bought into working in the right manner all of the time.

“Everybody who comes here is impressed with how clean and tidy the warehouse is,  which is above and beyond what it needs to be.

“This is food grade warehousing, so maintaining and even improving those high standards are now second nature for the team to behave and perform in that way.

“To maintain our BRCGS AA rating consistently over an extended period is an amazing achievement. It’s outstanding.”

Managing Director Mike McCarthy said: “The warehouse is the beating heart of our operation.

“Having a consistent level of excellence gives our customers total peace of mind and reassurance.

“That’s down to the hard work of all the team members who are the real heroes.

“It makes me particularly proud that we are one of the very first companies in the UK to achieve this honour.

“This all adds to our burgeoning reputation in the marketplace which will  hopefully stand us in good stead as we continue to develop and grow.”