An artisan food company has clinched a major new listing to supply a top supermarket chain with Welsh gourmet crisps.

Asda is now stocking three varieties from the Jones o Gymru 150g share bag range from Bwydydd Madryn (Madryn Foods) at 28 of its stores across Wales.

Madryn has teamed up with two other iconic Welsh brands for the seasoning, Gwynedd-based South Caernarfon Creameries for the Dragon Cheddar Cheese and Onion hand cooked crisps and Halen Môn, from Anglesey, for the Sea Salt and Sea Salt and Vinegar flavours.

All the crisps are made using Welsh potatoes from places like Pembrokeshire, Anglesey or Pembrokeshire – depending on the time of year.

Madryn director Jamie Hughes said that  landing the Asda contract was a good news for the company which has distribution centres in Pwllheli and Llanrwst.

Since being established just over a decade ago, the foodie firm has built up an array of more than 50 products.

As well as the crisps, the Jones o Gymru range includes popcorn, chocolate and single serve cakes.

Its Calon Lȃn products include condiments, chutneys and preserves while  the Blodyn Aur range includes Welsh rapeseed oil, dressings and mayonnaise.

Jamie said: “Madryn is a Welsh company and we’re proud to be Welsh. We have been building Welsh food brands for over 10 years, focusing on quality and provenance.

“At the heart of what we do is building long-term relationships with local suppliers and customers. It’s something we are really passionate about.

“Our DNA is all about doing our best to create a circular economy and, where possible, to keep the Welsh pound in Wales.

“We do everything we can in Wales, from sourcing ingredients to production and design work, and all the members of the team live in Wales – keeping as much as we can close to  home.

“People like to know where things come from and sustainability is increasingly important – our customers place a lot of value on that.

“In developing and perfecting our crisps, we were very eager to bring provenance into the taste because in a big competitive market you have to be distinctive and different and provide real quality .

“Cheese and onion is a classic taste and it’s one of the staples. It doesn’t matter what intelligence you look at, cheese and onion and salted  and salt and vinegar are the three go to flavours.

“We were very pleased to be awarded the contract to supply Asda and this is a significant boost for Madryn.

“Asda has a brilliant track record in supporting local Welsh producers and providing them with a route to market.

“Gruff Roberts, their buyer, has an excellent understanding of smaller scale producers which has made this an even more positive experience for us.

“Since the crisps have gone on sale, I’m glad to say the response from customers has been fantastic and we’re thrilled that they are selling so well across the 28  Asda stores in Wales where they’re being stocked – and long may that continue.”

Gruff Roberts, Asda’s Buying Manager for Local Products in England and Wales, said: “It’s very important to us to  have Welsh brands on our shelves because our customers rightly expect to see them.

“The main Welsh products are meat and dairy but it’s also important to us to have more ambient products because there are some excellent producers, like Madryn, in that category too.

“Jones o Gymru is a great  Welsh brand and the crisps are really excellent – and we are delighted to be able to support them and help the local economy at the same time.”