A float in the shape of a giant pineapple and a life-sized statue of a surfer were star attractions at a Caribbean-style carnival at a care organisation.

Maintenance team member Paul Morris created the gleaming silver statue and he also built the framework for the big bright yellow pineapple-mobile at Pendine Park in Wrexham.

Delighted residents and staff greeted it with wide smiles as he drove the float around Pendine’s colourful courtyard gardens.

Residents from the Bryn Bella and Penybryn care homes celebrated in flamboyant style as bright coloured decorations were pinned up all around the garden – the warming sunshine came out to give the event a truly tropical lift.

The care and enrichment teams wore multi-coloured grass skirts, flower garlands  and oversized novelty sunglasses as they served up a refreshing party menu of tropical fruit punch, fresh exotic fruits, ice lollies and sweet butter-iced cupcakes.

Penybryn manager Tracey Cuthill said: “The residents have put their hearts and souls into making some fantastic decorations.

“They have been so looking forward to the big day that I was praying for sunshine last night and when I woke up this morning I was so relieved to see the forecast. It was sun, sun, sun all afternoon. Hooray!”

One person who couldn’t have been more pleased to see the sun’s bright rays was Paul Morris who is a whizz at woodwork and handicrafts.

He designed and made the six feet high statue of a silver surfer looking like it is about to break some waves on a cool surf board.

Paul has also built other statues for the courtyard using a chainsaw to carve out a large gorilla which he named Guy, plus a model lemur and a hedgehog.

He and the maintenance team also helped build the carnival float which Paul drove around the courtyard behind resident Steve “speedy” Roberts who led the way in his wheelchair. Adding to the fun factor Steve blew celebratory bubbles from a party soap bubble gun as the mini procession got underway.

With pandemic social distancing precautions still in place residents from the two homes celebrated on opposite sides of the courtyard but as the foot-tapping lyrics to Pharrell Williams, hit song Happy reverberated from the music player there was a sense of harmony in the air.

Pendine Park artist-in-residence Sarah Edwards, who supervised the carnival preparations, said: “It’s been a real team effort between both residents and our staff, we’ve all had great fun making everything and thanks to everyone’s efforts it’s all paid off brilliantly.

“Over the last weeks we’ve all spent many hours in art class making our carnival  themed outfits, head-dresses and decorations.

“Our residents have been preparing for the big day since the start of summer so we were just hoping it didn’t rain. Thank goodness we were blessed with clear blue skies.

“The carnival is a highlight of the summer activities programme for residents who delight in seeing their artistic creations hanging from trees and window-sills.”

They also wore flower garlands round their necks and donned their feathered head-dresses.

Sarah praised all the residents who got involved including Josh Ebbut for his dedicated perseverance in painting the background colours for the feathered headwear, while fellow resident Mark Cartwright delighted in posing for a photo wearing one of them.

Friends Karen Jones and Sian Ferrier told how they helped decorate the pineapple shaped float.

Karen, who wore a blouse embroidered with flowers specially for the occasion, said: “The float looks a treat. So colourful, especially with the sun shining on it so brightly. It makes the glitter on it sparkle.”

Sian added: “We built up layers of colour over several weeks to decorate the giant pineapples for the float, waiting for each layer to dry before we added the next. Then we embellished it with glitter and painted flowers. It works really well.”

Jenny Plumb laughed as she found herself unexpectedly in the middle of the parade route as the float turned a corner.

“I had to move out of the way pretty quick but at least I got a good look at all that fancy paintwork,” she laughed.

Resident George Ullman couldn’t resist getting up to take a closer look at the silver surfer statue.

“It’s really good, well made,” he said. “It’s cheerful, fun, and makes us all smile.”