A landmark production of the cult rock ‘n’ roll musical, The Rocky Horror Show, is going to be beamed live to a cinema in Wrexham.

The special screening at the Odeon Cinema at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre at 6.45pm on September 17 will feature Richard O’Brien, the original creator of the show.

O’Brien’s return as the Narrator at the West End’s Playhouse Theatre will mark his first stage appearances in the UK in over 10 years.

The historic live broadcast is being staged to raise money for the human rights organisation, Amnesty International.

O’Brien said: “I’m delighted to be returning to London, where Rocky started, and performing in the show after more than 20 years.

“Everyone should prepare for a night of frolics and celebrations by joining us on the big screen!

“The noise at the end of Rocky is wonderful – it is empowering and exhilarating at the same time it is quite joyous.”

Rocky Horror, a musical about an innocent couple, Brad and Janet, who come across an unhinged transvestite scientist who has created a handsome, muscled monster, began life with a limited run at London’s Royal Court theatre in 1973.

It became a film in 1975 and the stage tour around the world has hardly stopped since.

“I love the show for so many reasons,” said O’Brien from his home in New Zealand.

“No one expected it to have any more life than the five-week run. It went on, and then the years went on. And here we are 40 years later,” said O’Brien,

Fans of the musical often dress up when they go to see the show.

O’Brien, now 73, added said: “Acting is only dressing up and making believe.

“I think we have to understand that, and I know we give awards, we talk about performance in acting, and art and it all gets very lofty, but the truth of the matter is it’s dressing up and making believe.

“All that silly, wonderful, childish joy of dressing up and making believe is what theatre is made of, and Rocky is full of that, and I think a lot of the audience understand that as well.”

O’Brien, who played Riff Raff in the original production and identifies himself as transgender, will forever be associated with Rocky Horror, but it has never been a curse: “It’s gender issues which have dominated my life,” he said.

“We get dealt cards when we’re born.”

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