A chest full of pirate treasure is on its way to a charity that supports school projects in coffee-producing countries.

Staff at the Costa café at the Odeon cinema at Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre in Wrexham organised a swashbuckling fun event for children.

They dressed up as characters from latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, Salazar’s Revenge, which has just been released.

The youngsters had a ball making pirate hats and colouring treasure maps.

All proceeds from donations made by parents will go to the Costa Foundation, an independent charity that aims to relieve poverty in coffee-growing and improve the life-chances of boys and girls by providing opportunities for better education.

Barista Christine Farquhar said: “We made pirate hats which children could colour and add stickers and glitter to and treasure maps and of course we handed out plenty of gold doubloons which were actually chocolate treats.

“We wanted to celebrate the release of the latest Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean film, Salazar’s Revenge, which is the fifth in the series, by raising what we could for the Costa Foundation.

“The Costa Foundation has supported more than 40 school projects in eight countries around the world. Children are benefitting from the money we raise in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Vietnam and Uganda.

“It’s important we support the Costa Foundation and every little helps. We will be sending more than £100 to the Foundation through our pirate event and, as ever, our customers have been very generous indeed.”

Eagles Meadow manager, Kevin Critchley was right behind the efforts of the Costa staff in raising funds through a fun event that will support children in coffee-growing countries.

He said: “I know the staff of Costa in the Odeon complex are always trying to raise money for the Costa Foundation and the fun events they organise add to the customer experience for people visiting Eagles Meadow.

“I know parents appreciate the effort the baristas put into these fun events and if it puts a smile on people’s faces then it has to be a good thing.”

He added: “The Costa Foundation is a brilliant independent charity that has seen libraries, laboratories and additional classrooms built at schools that are supporting very poor children.

“And school farm projects the Foundation backs further supports children and their families in coffee-growing countries. It’s important, when we sit enjoying a latte or a mocha that we think about the people who produce the coffee we enjoy.”