A trailer firm was centre stage at a school’s Christmas concert with a special rap which may herald a new product line for them – making rockets!

Pupils at Ysgol Bro Dyfrdwy, in Cynwyd, near Corwen, hip hopped to it to celebrate Ifor Williams Trailers who have a factory just 50 yards down the road.

The lively number was performed by nine boys as part of a pantomime telling the story of legendary Welsh pirate Harri Morgan.

The youngsters looked the part because they were dressed in high visibility gear and had helmets provided by the company.

Headteacher Eirian Owain explained: “Harri Morgan wanted to retire to a Caribbean island but needed to get there.

“So we had to turn to our friends at Ifor Williams Trailers from across the road, the workers from Ifor Williams Trailers, to build a space ship to carry Harri Morgan away to a Caribbean island.

“The Ifor Williams Trailers company are so supportive of the school and there are so many parents and relatives of the children who work at the factory so that it is something very much alive in the lives of the children.

“We see the workers in the village and the children like dressing up the same as them.

“The pupils were dressed in the high-vis jackets and the helmets which we’d borrowed those from Ifor Williams Trailers. That finished everything off.

“The hall was full to overflowing to capacity.  We had a performance in the afternoon and in the evening and it was full for both performances.

“We have exceptional support and there was a wonderful rapport between the parents and the children.

“The parents were obviously listening very carefully to the words spoken by the children and were responding to them.

“As you can imagine, the rap went down really well and had huge applause.”

Among the young rappers was Owain Kremers, nine, from Year Five.

He said: “I really enjoyed doing the rap.  It was fantastic.”

Classmate Berwyn Dafydd, nine, also had a ball and he added: “Doing the rap was a lot of fun. The audience liked it a lot.”

Geraint Wyn Jones, a Team Leader, at Ifor Williams Trailers, was delighted – particularly as he is a former pupil and his sister, Diane Jones, is a teacher at the school.

He said: “I was very impressed because the rap was really excellent and very funny.

“We’ve apparently started to build rockets now – it seems we can turn our hands to anything. If they’re as good as the trailers, they’ll be brilliant!

Rob Small, the Head of Assembly Operations, was equally delighted.

He said: It was absolutely fantastic. There was a lot of passion there and with the outfits and the hats, they looked brilliant.

“The school is an important part of the community and we like to do everything we can to support them.

“What I hadn’t realised though is that they feature Ifor Williams Trailers in one way or another in their Christmas concert every year. That’s a lovely gesture.

“Hopefully, some of today’s pupils will eventually work for the company.

“They’re the ones who will be building our rockets. Our trailers already go around the world but this is out of this world!”