Two friends who work at a Chinese restaurant cooked up a romantic double proposal for their brides to be on a train.

The lovestruck mates both work with their fiancées at The Real China, at Eagles Meadow shopping centre, Wrexham.

The sweethearts will be tying the knot, in a traditional Chinese ceremony.

Waiter Nagy Istva’n, 26 is going to be marrying waitress Quiong Liu, 25, and cook Zhenhuo Lv, 22, is going to be marrying waitress Chun Wu, 21.

The buffet-style restaurant offers a mouth-watering selection of Asian delicacies alongside traditional Chinese dishes in a specialist food area.

The Real China proprietor Sen Yang, 26, is absolutely delighted for the happy couples, and he had a hand in arranging the proposals.

He explained: “Both girls knew the other was going to be proposed to and helped with the planning, but they didn’t know they were going to be proposed to themselves.

“They were proposed to on the train from Manchester to Wrexham. All of the passengers were looking.”

Quiong, originally from the Chinese city of Luoyang, who is studying for a masters degree in creative media at Glyndwr University couldn’t believe it when Nagy proposed.

She said: “When I saw my friend being proposed to I just cried, and then when I was proposed to myself I cried even more. I had no idea I was going to be proposed to. It was a special moment.”

Nagy, from the tiny village of Geszdely just outside the city of Miskolc in Hungary, was incredibly nervous about popping the question.

He said: “My heart was beating out of my chest before I proposed.”

Sen Yang, 26, explained how the pair got together at last year’s Chinese New Year celebrations at the restaurant: “She was talking to me and then she went to talk to some other people. Nagy came over and asked me if she had a girlfriend. I said, no, and he replied that she would be his then.

“She told me afterwards that she thought Nagy was nice. I think it was love at first sight.”

Quiong added: “It all started at The Real China. We met here during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

“I think he is handsome and I fancied him straight away. It is hard to explain the moment. He is really cute.”

Nagy, who has worked at The Real China as a waiter since December 2013, and has previously worked as an insurance agent for his family’s business, Bauvex, before moving to Wrexham, added: “I fancied her straight away and I went over and we started talking and we started dating pretty much from then. I like everything about her.

“Eagles Meadow is nice and so is the The Real China. We always work hard to do our best here to cook good food and to give good service. We are always joking with each other so there is a great atmosphere here.”

Chun, who is originally from Jiujiang, and is studying creative media at Glyndwr University, said: I met my future husband Zhenhuo at The Real China as well. We met on my first day working here but we didn’t start dating straight away.

“That happened about two months later. He came over to my flat, and he was drunk. He said ‘I like you, do you like me?’. I said yes, and then we kissed. I didn’t hesitate.

“I like him because he is honest and he is very manly. He also works hard, and is conscientious. He is good at his job and I like to watch him cook. I love him very much.

“I really like Eagles Meadow, especially the shops.

“I like working here because my future husband works here, as well as my other friends. We are like a family.”

Zhenhuo, who is originally from Guigang, said: “I felt incredibly nervous proposing.

“I think Chun is cute and beautiful, and I love her very much. I can’t wait for the wedding.”

Sen added: “I think it is wonderful that they all met here. It’s amazing, and I think it tells you a lot about the restaurant. Love has really blossomed at the Real China. I am really happy for them.

“We are like a family at the restaurant, and we have a great team here. They are so much more than just employees.

“Some people says don’t do business with friends but I don’t believe that.

“We are all the very best of friends here and we help each other out to solve problems.”

Eagles Meadow manager Kevin Critchley has been touched by the love story that has unfolded at The Real China.

He said: “I would like to congratulate the two happy couples and I wish them all the best for the big day.”