A senior manager at Ifor Williams Trailers has been speaking about his “surreal” moment in the spotlight in a video with Hollywood superstars Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

Head of Sales Rob Small made a brief cameo appearance in the hilarious film made by Rob and Ryan to unveil global social media brand TikTok as the new front of shirt sponsors of Wrexham AFC.

At the beginning of the video, Rob is seen opening the back of one of their flagship HBX horseboxes.

But instead of having horses inside, three Wrexham players, Jamie Reckord, goalkeeper Rob Lainton and Jordan Davies, emerge wearing the new kit with TikTok across the front of the shirt.

The name of Ifor Wiliams Trailers and their famous logo also loom large in the video.

The aim was to signify a change of the guard because the iconic trailer firm had been  the main front of shirt sponsor since 2016.

They’re staying on as the main local sponsor and the Ifor Williams Trailers logo will now be on the shorts instead for the next two years.

In addition, the company is now the club’s official trailer partner.

This was the second time Ifor Williams Trailers has featured in one of Rob and Ryan’s videos.

The duo also gave the company a huge plug in their first one which was released after the fans voted overwhelmingly in favour of the takeover.

Rob said: “It doesn’t get any better than two Hollywood stars promoting our brand. It’s absolutely fantastic.

“In terms of the sponsorship, we are thrilled to be able to pass on the baton. This is a once-in-a-lifetime commercial opportunity for Wrexham AFC and the new owners have great sway with sponsors.

“One of our long serving employees, Martin Bodden, who is a massive, lifelong Wrexham fan, said once that we need to dream big and look what’s happened. You really couldn’t make this up.

“We are very happy to take up our place short sponsors – we’ve moved down to the legs where all the hard work happens, which fits in well with our company ethos. It’s absolutely great.

“I know one of our owners, Carole Williams, has spoken to Rob and Ryan on the phone and she has said they are lovely people and when the time comes for them to come over to Wales they are sure to have a warm Welsh welcome, so we’ll look forward to that.

“The retention of a local indigenous Welsh sponsor on the Wrexham kit, has made many people in Wales happy and this inclusion means that so many more local people will be involved in the future journey.

“Many people have expressed their happiness that Ifor Williams Trailers will remain as the local sponsor and this has been reflected in the many messages received by our own staff, from the Wrexham fan base and from our wider business stakeholders.

“It is going to be a massive day for the club, the fans and the whole of North Wales when Rob and Ryan do eventually come to Wrexham and we are all looking forward to it.

“It’s going to  have a positive impact on local businesses and the surrounding area. It’s a great story.

“I  had a little cameo appearance at the beginning of the video which was quite surreal to be honest.  I’m just waiting for that call from Hollywood.”

Director Carole Williams said: “As a senior manager at Ifor Williams Trailers, Rob is well known across all our manufacturing sites and we are all very proud and happy to see him making a debut in a video with these two Tinseltown greats.

“As expected,  the workplace banter has been non-stop. I believe that Rob received a message from reception, that he had missed a call from Steven Spielberg and his absence at today’s production meeting, was met with the expected witty comments.

“Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have created a wave excitement that has travelled further than they could imagine across North Wales.

“Following the 18 months of difficulties endured by everyone, their inclusion of our Rob and our products in the new sponsor launch video for Wrexham AFC has made everyone laugh and smile.

“I think we all know that there will be a lot more fun to come from the new ownership and management of Wrexham AFC.”