It was a record-breaking night at Swansea’s busy Quadrant Shopping Centre where a best-ever 5,000 plus students went on a spending spree to take advantage of a host of special event offers.

Undergrads queued for the 7pm doors open at the Student Lock-In which first started back in 2011 and which is now a fixture on the city’s fashion and shopping scenes.

Stores in the Quadrant slashed prices and the party atmosphere at the bargain hunt was cranked up by two live DJs at stores in the Centre.

Bethan Smedley, Supervisor at the Blue Inc store, said: “It was fabulous and worked very well for us with plenty of students about and a great atmosphere.

“This was the third time I’ve been on duty for a student night and I really enjoy it and we did a lot of really good business with our jeans at £16 a pair going very well.”

At Superdry Fran Pickett said: “It was a lot of fun and there was a really good atmosphere.

“There were lots of different stands out in the Quadrant too and that created plenty of diversity and for us our 10 per cent Bounce Back vouchers were very popular.”

The Yankee Shop was hugely popular and Assistant Manager Colin Monk-Roberts said: “We did very well and were up by 25 per cent on last year.

“We were delighted with the turnout and with the event.”

Quadrant Marketing Executive George Henderson said: “Swansea student events always seem to be really well supported and we were delighted with how this one went, both from the point of view of the retailers and for the students.

“There’s always a really good atmosphere here when the students come to the Quadrant and with lots of great deals on offer I think people went home very happy.”