A company celebrating its 20th anniversary has saved its customers over £5 million in energy costs.

The news was revealed to Clwyd West AM Darren Millar during a visit to the Ruthin-based Energy Company to help them celebrate the business milestone.

The company formed by directors John Davies and Colin Pritchard has specialised in finding the best energy deals in electricity and gas for their business customers in since the mid-1990s and in the commercial sector alone estimates to have saved businesses in excess of £5 million.

They employ eight people at their own offices on the Lon Parcwr Industrial Estate, with 20 agents representing them throughout the UK, and look after over 3,000 business contracts which use 142.8 gigawatts of electricity and 43.9 gigawatts of gas annually.

Many of their customers have been with them since before deregulation in the late 1990s and John Davies said: “We have a loyal customer base who tell their friends about us. We tell our customers to tell us if any issues arise whilst with us. In that way we offer a ‘hands on’ service that is unbeatable.”

Major clients include a major KFC franchise, a new Starbucks franchise with plans to open 20 sites, a company running 20 nursing homes in Shropshire and Cheshire, and even the monks of Caldy Island in the Bristol Channel.

John Davies said: “We have also extended our service to domestic customers in the last six months after being inundated with requests from our clients in the business sector – at the end of the day they have homes and wanted to make similar savings in their own energy costs.”

Darren Millar, the Conservative Shadow Health spokesperson, said he was hugely impressed by the savings that The Energy Company had helped customers make.

He added: “Saving money is great for the economy because it gets it out in the shops and recirculating locally.

“I’m delighted that The Energy Company is going from strength to strength and saving businesses in this area and around the UK money on their energy bills and I wish them every success.

“Saving money in these difficult times has to be a good thing and this is a recession-proof business because people will always want the best deals they can get on energy.”

The company have also launched their own domestic checking website, www.theenergycompany, in response to requests from business customers who asked about competitive prices for their own home utilities and also many members of the public keen to save money.

The site, is ‘all of market’ and fully accredited to the OFGEM Confidence code. It has proved to be a moneysaver with reports of savings all over the UK. One homeowner has saved a massive £1866 a year whilst average savings are currently coming out around £142.

The announcement from energy giants EON that they were reducing their gas prices immediately has put more onus than ever on homeowners to investigate their bills and when Darren Millar trialled the Energy Company website they found him a money saving deal as well.

Part of the service the Energy Company provides is dealing with miss-billing issues and recent successes include winning a rebate of over £20,000 for the monks of Caldey Island on their energy bills a reduction in bills of over £40,000 for the popular Cyfnod Café in Bala and a £16,500 refund for Welsh language teaching company Popeth Cymraeg.