Noodle Bar boss Gwyn Ingman is causing a real stir with an action film featuring his nippy new delivery vehicle which has become an internet sensation.

Within days the short video promoting his Try Thai business at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham went viral on social media attracting more than 40,000 hits.

Gwyn, who runs the Noodle Bar along with the Try Thai Food Shop next door in St George’s Crescent, recently bought a super-green Renault Twizy to add a new zing to his hot food delivery operation.

And it started to attract so much attention whenever it set out on deliveries from a special garage at the side of his shop that he’s now decided to build on its popularity by making it the star of the minute-long video film, which can be viewed via his Facebook page.

In just a few weeks of going live the film had been viewed 40,859 times and is still racking up the hits.

Gwyn, 51, said: “I bought the Twizy because it’s just 7ft 7ins long and 3ft 11ins wide, is easy to park and very economical.

“It runs totally on electric power which means no emissions and gets its power from a normal 13 amp plug socket which I’ve had specially installed in the alleyway at the side of the Noodle Bar.

“It can be fully charged up in just over three hours, has a range of 62 miles and can travel at up to 52mph.

“The Twizy looks so striking that it has people looking on in amazement whenever it emerges from the side of the Noodle Bar to make a delivery.

“It was causing such a stir that I decided to capitalise on it by putting it in a film.

“The movie was specially made for me by a production company based in Llandudno and is quite novel because they used a drone camera to film it from up in the air as I drove it along a country lane.

“I think the whole effect is quite remarkable.”

The film opens with a couple in their living room watching TV when the man suddenly decides he’s hungry.

He reaches for his mobile phone and places an order for a Thai meal using the Noodle Bar’s own app.

The next scene shows Gwyn’s staff receiving the order on their laptop in the kitchen back at base and preparing a couple of tasty treats.

Accompanied by pacy, dramatic music, the little car then hits the road as the caption “Be with you in a Twizy” if flashed up on screen.

The drone camera is used to shoot the next sequence as the vehicle dashes along a country lane.

Next up we see Gwyn handing over a bag containing the hot meals before the hungry couple start to tuck in to their take-away.

Gwyn added: “We had a couple of actors playing the couple and I reckon they look pretty believable.

“The shot of me driving the Twizy along a country lane had to be done on a road near Holywell as that was the perfect place for flying it in safety. We did it in four takes and everything went well.

“I put the video up on my Facebook page and it’s got 40,000 views, which is amazing and it’s also doing well on YouTube.

“We’re just hoping it leads to a lot of new business for us.

“I think we’re the only business of our type which has produced a film promoting its delivery service and it was definitely a lot of fun to make.”

Along with his wife Jira, Gwyn has been running the Noodle Bar and the Try Thai Food Shop for the past couple of years.

Originally a tree surgeon and also a keen mountaineer, Gwyn took a three-year course in psychology at NEWI in Wrexham to help him overcome his dyslexia and later became a support worker for children with special needs at the Millennium Eco Centre on the old Borras airfield.

He and Jira opened their first Asian food shop in Wrexham town centre on 8.8.2008 – the number eight being lucky to the Chinese people.

The move to Eagles Meadow, which has seen the business go from strength to strength, came a few years later.

Eagles Meadow manager Kevin Critchley said: “I love Asian food so I was thrilled when Try Thai came here.

“I live in Wrexham so I know we can always have a takeaway in a Twizy!”

The film can be seen on the Try Thai Facebook page at