A pure water company and the storage company which plays host to it has celebrated their partnership with an open day to launch their latest service outlet.

Basingstoke-based Spotless Water and Wales’s biggest container storage company, Lock Stock Self Storage, treated customers to free water and a complimentary breakfast at Lock Stock’s Ruabon Road site in Wrexham.

Both proved a big hit with a steady flow of window cleaners and car valeters for whom a pure water supply is an essential took of their trade – it reduces streaks and can cut cleaning times by 25 per cent and in business time is money.

Spotless Water now has 32 such sites across the country, two of them in Wales, both at Lock Stock sites, in Saltney and now Wrexham, with their nationwide expansion seeing Leeds, Newcastle, Bedford and Bracknell due to come on stream next along with a third Lock Stock site in Shrewsbury.

Among the early starters on the open day was Alex Darby, from Acton, whose AD Cleaning Services Ltd operates across the Wrexham area.

He said: “This is great when I’m short of water and I’ve already been here a few times. It’s very handy.

“I’ve got an 800 litre tank and it can fill it in eight minutes. It really is a cracking system, much quicker than the one I have at home.”

Nikk McIntyre, from Blacon, Chester, of Eclipse window cleaners, was also along to enjoy a bacon bap and a cup of tea after filling up for the day. He said: “I usually go to Saltney but I work around Wrexham as well so this I great and it’s really quick.

“It’s handy to be able to call in and top up in ten minutes rather than go home.”

Lock Stock sites host the big, blue Spotless Water box that weighs 12 tons and contains 10,000 litres of pure water which it dispenses through a self-service system similar to a petrol pump.

Each water dispenser is connected to the site’s electricity and mains water which feeds the purifying system and has 26 internal sensors which measure purity, tank levels and filter lifespan so they can be easily maintained while CCTV cameras also monitor their use and they are connected remotely to headquarters via the internet.

Charlie Gordon, Business Development Manager for Spotless Water, said: “Lock Stock’s sites are perfect for us. It’s easy to get in and out 24/7 and there’s good security here.

“We’re now approaching 7,000 customers across the UK and we’re aiming for

“Even if a window cleaner has a purifying system at home it will take ten hours to produce 1,000 litres but with this it’s on tap and there’s no worries about maintenance.

“The units are made from shipping containers which contains a bespoke system which has been thoroughly tested and includes UV and carbon filters for maximum purity.”

Lock Stock Regional Manager Jeff Woods said: “Window cleaners love it because they can come in and refill the tanks in their vans as often as they need to in the knowledge there is a constant uninterrupted supply here.

“It’s brilliant for car valet services as well and for pet shops and aquariums that keep tropical fish.

“It works well for Spotless Water and for their customers with the added bonus of us also offering their customers 25 per cent off storage.”

Lock Stock was founded by brothers Nick and Shon Powell in Denbigh in 1998 and now has 18 sites across North and Mid Wales and the Border Counties and Nick said: “We are always looking to diversify and to react to the market.

“Spotless Water is a great concept and we are always looking at ways we can diversify and maximise the resources we have – you can’t afford to stand still in business.”

Lock Stock’s existing sites stretch from Bangor along the North Wales coast at Llandudno and Rhyl, on the Dee at Flint and Chester and inland at Denbigh, Mold, Wrexham and Newtown in Powys, and at Oswestry and Shrewsbury in Shropshire.

For more information about Lock Stock go to http://www.lockstock.biz/