The musical director of an award winning community choir treated her dad and other care home residents to a musical feast.

Residents and staff at Pendine Park’s Hillbury care home in Wrexham sang along as the Wrexham One World Choir belted out folk songs and Welsh hymns like Sosban Fach and Calon Lan.

The visit came about because former county surveyor Alistair Donaldson, 84, is the father of the choir’s director, Carol Donaldson, and is a resident there.

Carol was asked by the home’s manager, Cindy Clutton if they could perform a mini-concert there.

She said: “My dad has been a resident of Hillbury for a few months now. As a family we are pleased with the care he receives. I visit three times a week as do other family members.

“It was an absolute pleasure performing for residents, relatives and staff and it’s nice to give a little back in a way. I hope residents and everyone else enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did.”

Sisters Leanne and Meryl Iverson enjoyed the choir’s performance as they were visiting their mum, Wendy Iverson, a resident of Hillbury House, along with Leanne’s daughter Ella and son Freddie.

Leanne said: “We are really happy with the care mum gets here at Hillbury House. It’s been lovely listening to the choir sing and seeing how much residents enjoyed it. There were plenty joining in and singing along including my mum.”

Meryl Iverson added: “I’m really happy with the care mum receives and we have all shared a lovely afternoon listening to the choir. It’s been really nice.”

Manager Cindy Clutton said: “I was delighted to welcome the Wrexham One World Community Choir along for a concert. Residents clearly enjoyed the occasion and many were singing along.

“Carol was visiting her dad, Alistair, and suggested she would like to bring some of the choir in and I was only too pleased to welcome choir members along.

“I know how much residents enjoy music and song. We are always quick to embrace anything that adds to our resident’s daily experiences.

“Staff members also enjoyed sitting with residents and their families to enjoy the songs in what was a chilled and really lovely afternoon. It makes our care environment seem a little more like home.

“The arts are an important part of the Pendine Park ethos to enrich the lives of people across the generations. Our enrichment programme involves art in all its forms including music, poetry, storytelling and painting.

“The arts are embedded in all our staff training programmes to ensure that enrichment is a part of daily life for everybody here.”

Carol formed the choir with Wendy Paintsill a little over six years ago.

She said: “We now have more than 90 regular members and meet every Tuesday at Undegun in Regent Street for rehearsals and practice. There are no auditions and everyone, male or female, of any age, is welcome.

“Members come from all walks of life and no one is judged. It’s all about simply enjoying singing as a choir. I run six choirs and write music for theatres too. They are all community or health choirs.

“I run community choirs in Wrexham, Manchester and Hebden Bridge and health choirs for stroke victims, Macmillan Cancer Care and Manchester’s Christie Hospital. It’s a full time role!”

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