A student at one of the UK’s newest independent schools has returned from a summer spell on a sea grass project on a remote Scottish island to the news that she has gained eight A star to A grades at GCSE.

Lili Tetley Young, from Gellifor, is part of a 28-strong Year 11 cohort at the school which all gained A star to C passes in results published this morning with 70 per cent collecting A star to A grades.

It has earned them praise from headmaster Andrew Allman who said: “Students all over the country have had to suffer cruel disruption of their studies due to the pandemic and I want to congratulate all our pupils for their hard work and determination.

“Our overseas students in particular have had major disruption and one of our biggest challenges during the last two years has been maintaining the connection between home and international students and the curriculum across different time zones and continents.

“In the circumstances they have all shown tremendous resilience and we are delighted with them all.”

Lili, who also does the martial art Tae Kwon Do, spent much of the summer on the sea grass project, recording wildlife among the grass on the Isle of Mull and on the coast near Pwllheli.

She gained eight A stars and As and will return to Myddelton College’s Sixth Form next month to do Business Studies, Spanish, Geography and Politics.

She said: “It’s been very nerve-racking this morning and I’m glad we got here early and I’m very pleased with the results.

“We were really lucky and privileged because the school were able to provide lessons all the way through the pandemic, either remotely or in class and it’s lovely to see so many teachers here supporting us.

“It’s been very difficult for everyone across the country and I’m just pleased it’s worked out well.”

Her delighted mum, Mary, said: “She’s done very well and I’m really pleased with her. She worked really hard so we’ve had a great summer with her after that.”

Wales Schools tennis international Andrew Thompson, from Denbigh, suffered a major setback this summer when he damaged anterior cruciate ligaments in his knee and he’s waiting for treatment but he’s been buoyed up by impressive results which included seven A stars and As.

He will return in September to study Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Further Maths and he said: “I was injured two days into the summer holidays which has been really frustrating so the exam results are great, I’m very happy with al of them.

“It’s been difficult but we’ve got through it and everyone seems very happy.”

Lottie Corner, from Dyserth, gained seven A stars and As and will return to study Physics, Biology, Maths and Geography, and she said: “I worked hard and I’m very pleased it paid off.

“It’s everything I hoped for. I passed them all and that included the hard subjects so I’m very relieved.”

Her dad, Dr Richard Corner, said: “It’s been a very difficult time for all of them and the school has done really well to keep lessons going during the lockdowns and to come out at the end of it with good results.

“We’re absolutely delighted and very proud of her.”

International student Simeon Wong, from Hong Kong, has had a particularly tough two years with along separation from his parents though they have now come to the UK and plan to stay.

Simeon, who has spent almost the entire two years at school in Denbigh and separated from his parents, said: “It has been very difficult and it has been hard being apart from them.

“I’m very pleased with my results, I gained four As and the rest Bs and Cs, and I’ll be back in September.”

Andrew Allman added: “All the students have worked very hard and adapted very well to the challenges that the pandemic has imposed and to being thrown back into the traditional way of sitting exams and that has been a challenge after so much disruption.

“The staff have also been brilliant here in adapting to the challenges of teaching in lockdown and using technology to deliver a full timetable.”

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