SMALLER businesses at a shopping centre thinking big to give their strong support to a major event aimed at throwing the spotlight on independent companies.

Although major firms with multiple branches are often seen as the powerhouse of Britain’s economy, a campaign group is highlighting the fact that small and medium sized businesses also make a massive contribution to the national balance sheet.

The independent businesses at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre in Wrexham want to raise awareness of the campaign to think small in a big way.

They’re among a host of smaller companies across the UK are gearing up for the annual Small Business Saturday (SBS), a day-long event taking place on December 3.

Among those supporting the campaign are Gwyn Ingman and his wife, Jira, who run the Try Thai Shop and Wrexham Noodle Bar.

Gwyn said: “I just want local people to support us and come and see what we have to offer.”

“Independent businesses really need the public to help us if we are to remain competitive. We have many regular and loyal customers but I’d love to welcome more customers to our store and noodle bar.”

Sharon Murphy, the proprietor of the neighbouring gent’s hair salon, Gozo, says people should try and support local small business all year around not just on Small Business Saturday.

She said: “It can be difficult competing against the big businesses but I’m pleased to have a very loyal customer base.

“I’d like to see more Wrexham people supporting small businesses and helping us to thrive. We have a very important role to play in the local economy and it would be a very sad and very different town without small independent businesses.”

“We shouldn’t forget the number of jobs small businesses create. By supporting small businesses people are also supporting those jobs. It all goes to show what a vital role small independent businesses have on the town’s success.”

Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre manager Kevin Critchley fully supports the idea of Small Business Saturday.

He said: “Here at Eagles Meadow we’re very proud of the fact that, apart from our larger tenants, we also include a significant number of smaller independent businesses which make their own huge contribution to the diversity and success of the shopping centre.


“That’s why we are giving our wholehearted support to Small Business Saturday, which I think is an excellent idea in that it raises awareness of the very important role that the independents play in punching above their weight to boost the local and national economy.”

“Businesses like Gozo and the Try Thai Shop and Noodle Bar are important to Eagles Meadow and we should never forget the important role small business owners like Glyn and Sharon play in the local and wider economy.

“Let’s not forget as well that most if not all of the big stores and brands we’re familiar with started out as small businesses at one time, and if they hadn’t been good small businesses they would never have become the famous retailers we have today. Who knows, one day we could find a Gozo or a Try Thai in every town and city across the country.

“The retail offer of any town has to be a mix of multinationals and small businesses offering a wide range of goods and services.

“I’d encourage every Wrexham shopper to think about Small Business Saturday and to back business owners such as Glyn Ingman and Sharon Murphy so they can continue adding to what is a robust and vibrant retail sector here in Wrexham.”