Iconic trailer firm Ifor Williams Trailers is celebrating the stylish launch of its new horsebox range in the Middle East – with the help of luxury sports car brand Lamborghini.

The firm unveiled its sleek new HBX506 model in the United Arab Emirates amid the glitz and glamour of the 15th Dubai International Horse Fair – the region’s most prestigious equine fair and Arabian horse auction.

The trade event drew thousands of breeders and equestrians from all over the Gulf as well as Middle Eastern royalty and was the first time the horsebox has been exhibited in public in the UAE.

To mark the launch, Horse & Carriage Equestrian Equipment LLC – one of the leading distributors of Ifor Williams trailers in the Middle East – took part in a special collaboration with event sponsor Lamborghini to demonstrate the vehicle’s versatility alongside Lamborghini’s new SSUV model, the URUS.

In addition to a live presentation of the HBX506 being towed by the URUS in the show’s main arena, a new promotional film and photo gallery have also been produced which is currently being publicised across Lamborghini’s social media channels.

George Watts, managing partner of Dubai-based Horse & Carriage Equestrian Equipment LLC, the firm his father John founded more than 25 years ago, said: “It was completely new territory for the both of us as Lamborghini hasn’t previously been associated with the equestrian world – just as we haven’t had much association with a luxury sports car brand!

“It was the first time the HBX had been unveiled in the Middle East and so we wanted to do something special. Lamborghini was a sponsor of the event and we discussed how we could deliver a presentation alongside the new URUS.

“This was an ultra-high networking event with a number of Middle Eastern royals present. Lamborghini is a prestigious brand and for us all the links were there. It was perfect for the audience, pitching it at the luxury end of the market for quality, finish and performance.”

Ifor Williams Trailers unveiled two new horseboxes to great fanfare last autumn at the official opening of its new £5million factory in Sandycroft in Flintshire, where 100 new jobs have been created as part of the company’s ongoing recruitment drive.

The flagship HBX trailer and the HBE are being added to the overall range which also includes the market-leading HB trailers and the Eventa which also has living accommodation.

With a sleek, aerodynamic style, a “floating roof” in homage to the Range Rover and black aluminium and tinted glass panels, the HBX makes as much of an aesthetic statement as well as boasting durability. The body of the HBX is constructed from aluminium, an innovation to boost strength and robustness while also ensuring it remains lightweight and easy to tow.

It also boasts a host of new features including the option of a new awning enabling equestrians to shelter from the elements during events and shows with the opportunity of overnight accommodation.

“One of the main draws for us with the HBX506 is the aesthetics. The sleek design really did bring people to the stand,” said George.

“It definitely looks new and attractive and on top of that it’s light-weight in terms of usability. The light-weight aspect is preferential out here with the terrain. The heavier it is the harder it is to tow.

“The new side door opening of the HBX range is also a big hit with people, offering added versatility.”

Held in the Dubai World Trade Centre, the Dubai International Horse Fair is an annual event drawing more than 10,000 visitors from 25 countries.

It showcases the best equine innovations and technologies from across the world and is regarded as one of the most important events of its kind in the region.

“The event is solely for Arabian horses which is very much part of the heritage of this part of the world,” explained George.

“Horse breeders from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and beyond come along to compete.

“It gave us the best exposure possible to meet Arab horse breeders and owners and we generated lot of interest on the stand from all over the Gulf.

“Ifor Williams has a really good reputation in terms of quality and durability out here and that is an advantage. Typically, Ifor Williams trailers last so long we normally only sell once and that customer will enjoy them for 20 years or more.

“Judging from the feedback we’re already receiving, the new horsebox range will be no different.”

Andrew Reece-Jones, the Design Engineering Manager for Ifor Williams Trailers, said Lamborghini’s new URUS was the perfect partner when it came to showcasing the HBX’s capabilities and style.

“We’re delighted to work with such a prestigious brand to demonstrate the versatility and style of our new HBX,” he said.

“This pairing is proof that Ifor Williams Trailers is held in high esteem and that its reputation for quality and style continues to grow across the world.”

George, whose business has been selling Ifor Williams trailers for 20 years, said Dubai’s racing season would soon draw to a close as hotter temperatures kicked in but added the new range had generated significant enquiries.

“We see most activity on the equestrian circuit in September/October time when people start coming back and so we expect more interest over the coming months,” he said.