A young woman suffering from a rare and agonising disease has had her life turned round after moving into the 3,000th home built in North Wales by a leading social housing provider.

Danielle Morgan said: “I no longer feel like a caged animal,” from her new Wales & West Housing (WWH) purpose-built bungalow in Greenfield, just two doors away from her mum.

The 23-year-old has the rare debilitating disease CRPS – complex regional pain syndrome – and was living in an unsuitable flat in Shotton when Wales & West Housing came to the rescue.

Danielle said: “I have a rare neurological condition which causes 24/7 pain and affects the immune system.

“I also have epilepsy, osteoporosis, dystonia and a dropped foot. I had been studying at university when my condition was diagnosed but had to drop out as I couldn’t cope any more.

“I was living in a flat in Shotton which was not suitable at all for me – it was too narrow for my wheelchair. I couldn’t get around and was reduced to living in one room – I felt like a caged animal.”

The new home was built by Wales & West Housing’s regular contracting partners, Ewloe-based Anwyl Construction, and is wheelchair-adapted with surfaces that can be raised or lowered as necessary.

Wales & West Housing Officer Ann-Marie Rastin even made sure that Danielle’s mum, her mum Sue was offered a home nearby and she said that as well as offering her a suitable home that separating her from her mother would be difficult, especially as they relied on public transport.

She said: “How could I move Danielle so far away from her mum? I had reservations so when an opportunity came for me to find a home for Sue, I took it and they now live next door but one from each other.”

Sue, 57, Danielle’s main carer, who had hated seeing her daughter live such a restricted life, said: “I saw the fight knocked out of her.

“It’s wonderful to see Danielle so much happier – she’s now getting her life back again.”

Wales & West Housing has a total of over 11,000 homes in Wales and Shayne Hembrow, WWH’s Deputy Chief Executive and Commercial Director, said: “This 3,000th home in North Wales is an important milestone as our ambition is for everyone to have a home that they can be proud of, in a place they want to live.

“Our plan for the next five years includes investing £250 million, delivering 1,000 energy efficient new homes across Wales and investing in our existing properties.

“This will create more jobs and work opportunities and bring a substantial economic boost to local communities and businesses.”

In Flintshire alone WWH have 914 homes and more are planned.

Anwyl Construction, who have worked on a number of contracts for WWH, including award-winning sheltered and extra-care homes at Mold, Flint and Wrexham, have built 44 energy efficient houses and 14 apartments at Tir Glas, Greenfield..

Anwyl Construction Director Tom Anwyl said: “We have enjoyed a key partnership with WWH over a number of years which has been very important to us and to the construction industry in North Wales.

“It came at the time of the worst recession in 70 years and has provided a lifeline in terms of jobs and apprenticeships as well as in developing skills and demonstrating that we had the capability here to carry out major projects.

“Together with WWH, we have insisted that the sub-contractors we used took on apprentices from the area and developed local supply chains because it is vital that major developments like this involve, invest in and benefit the local economy and community.

“We’re delighted to have completed their 3000th home in North Wales for them and look forward to building many more in the future.”