CULINARY whizz kids got in on a pizza the action when a Wrexham restaurant was transformed into a classroom for the morning.

As part of its education programme, Pizza Express at the Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre invited along a group of budding master chefs from St Christopher’s School to make their own pizzas.

The Year 8 pupils enjoyed learning all about ingredients, cooking and kitchen safety.

According to teacher Bill Long, the event was a great opportunity for children to learn a range of practical skills.

He said: “The lesson was part of our literacy and digital competency lesson. We began by planning a pizza on a computer and went through the process of making one. It means pupils had to think about the whole scientific process and what was required to bake a pizza.

“We also looked at other cross curricular skills. For instance we worked together on a risk assessment for getting to Eagles Meadow safely. They then had to think about road safety and other issues.

“And when we return to school they will be encouraged to write about their experience in making pizzas.”

He added: “We have to thank Pizza Express staff who allow us to come here with classes on a regular basis. It’s fantastic for the children and they learn a great deal and it’s stimulating. Of course children always enjoy being out of the classroom!”

Robyn Burns, 23, who volunteers at the school on Thursdays, says the experience was something pupils clearly enjoyed.

She said: “It’s been amazing. The pupils have clearly been engaged and learnt a great about the ingredients used and the cooking process. And their pizzas look delicious!”

Pizza Express staff member Robert Williams-Day says he thoroughly enjoyed showing the St Christopher’s Special School students how to make pizzas.

He said: “It’s been amazing and they have been wonderful and very well behaved students. I hope they have learned a great deal and enjoyed tasting the different ingredients and learning where we get them from.”

Pizza Express manager Christian O’Connor said: “We always enjoy welcoming children from St Christopher’s Special School to the restaurant. IT’s a scheme we do throughout the year with various schools.

“It’s all about the pupils learning new skills and understanding food and where we get ingredients from. IT’s a pleasure to have them here and it’s also an opportunity to show that pizza isn’t always an unhealthy option.”

Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre manager Kevin Critchley says he is delighted that Pizza Express is one of the restaurants at the centre that welcomes children from local schools so they can learn new skills and get an understanding of food.

He said: “It’s important and I’m really pleased the pupils from St Christopher’s School enjoyed their visit to Pizza Express. I’m sure they learnt a great deal and it’s great to see Pizza Express getting involved with the local community.”