Kind-hearted staff at a cinema are launching year-long a campaign to raise money for a mental health charity.

The first fund-raiser in aid of MIND at the Odeon at Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre next Saturday (January 20) will be a fun day to will coincide with the release of the new Disney animation, Coco.

Members of staff will be in fancy dress and selling cakes they’ve baked themselves.

There will also be face-painting and a host of other fun-filled activities.

The team have set themselves a target of raising £1,000 for MIND during the next 12 months.

Cinema manager Andrew Elvis explained: “MIND is the Odeon’s national charity of the year and we want to do our bit here in Wrexham to boost the fundraising total.

“There are a lot misconceptions surrounding mental health and there is an enormous stigma still.

“We’re addressing a very real crisis because one in four people will experience a mental health condition every year.

“The greatest cause of death among men aged under 35 is suicide.

“Here at the Odeon we are determined to do our bit to help.

“We chose to run the fun day on the first day we are screening Coco which is a new Disney and Pixar production.

“Coco is set during Mexico’s famous Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and sees the main character, a boy called Miguel travelling to the Land of the Dead after he unsuspectingly strums the guitar of his deceased hero.

“Miguel teams up with some loved departed relatives to solve an age-old family mystery. It’s a really fun, warm and funny Disney film that will no doubt be in line for a few awards.”

Andrew Elvis added: “Our regular cinema-going guests are always very supportive of our charity efforts and I’m sure we will raise a good amount for MIND this weekend.”

Odeon Cinema host Roxy Reed, 25, who hails from Essex but now lives in Wrexham after graduating from the town’s Glyndwr University with a degree in illustration and design, said: “Charity days are always fun and we want to raise as much as we can for MIND which is an important charity.

“We are all baking cakes and will be dressed in a range of costumes to make it fun for children visiting the cinema to see Coco. I’m sure guests will support our efforts.”

Eagles Meadow manager Kevin Critchley said: “Andrew and his team regularly run charity events at the cinema and I know how much regular cinema goers enjoy the occasion and how supportive they are.

“MIND is a wonderful charity that is worthy of support and I hope the Odeon staff raise a good amount of money that will go to supporting the work the charity is engaged in.”