THE Big Friendly Giant will stomp in to herald a month of gloriumptious free celebrations marking the wonderful world of Roald Dahl at a shopping centre.

The work of the legendary children’s author, who created his own language called Gobbelfunk, is being toasted nationwide this year which sees the centenary of his birth.

One of his most phizz-whizzing creations, the Big Friendly Giant, stars in the new and much awaited Disney blockbuster movie BFG directed by Steven Spielberg and due to open at the Odeon cinema in Eagles Meadow on July 22.

And the screening kicks off a jumpquiffing month of special centenary events at the centre designed to bring his fantastic stories to life.

Roald Dahl Wednesdays will be held throughout August, on the 10th, 17th and 24th, based around an elaborate Story Shack sure to thrill the kiddles, as Dahl named them.

Free pre-bookable Imagination Seekers workshop sessions, inspired by the work of Roald Dahl and approved by his estate, will be hosted by a special organisation known as the Ancient Guild of Tale Tenders whose mission it is to keep alive Dahl’s words.

Lasting for an hour, they are suitable for seven to 10 year olds.

Between the Imagination Seekers gatherings there will also be drop-in sessions when the Guardians of the Tales  will lead story telling sessions from Roald Dahl books.

Guardians lining up are Cynthia Checkit, a retired librarian who stamps people in and out with her library stamper and checks that no stories, words, tales or letters escape the vicinity, and Miss Gloria Sunbeam who reads out Roald Dahl rhymes and poems.

The Guardians of the Tales will lead themed craft sessions and Roald Dahl book give-aways each Wednesday.

All children who take part in the Story Shack will be rewarded with a free copy of a book by Roald Dahl to inspire them to keep reading and sharing stories after the event.

Also planned is a big Brilliant Beasts and Amazing Animals competition based on a creative writing project for young Dahl fans which will run throughout the event in which youngsters will be invited to outline the many magical animals in the wonderful world of Dahl and create their own Brilliant Beast or Amazing Animal fact file.

The theme me for Wednesday August 10 is Birds & Wings and Flappy Things.

Inspired by the magnificent Roly Poly Bird who first appears in The Enormous Crocodile and later in The Twits, this session will look at all the feathered friends in Roald Dahl’s work, from the pheasants in Danny The Champion of the World to the hens in Fantastic Mr Fox.

Craft sessions will allow children to create their own Roly Poly bird using paper plates, feathers and streamers.

On Wednesday August 17 the theme is Lotions, Potions and Marvellous Mixes.

This fantastically creative session is inspired by George’s Marvellous Medicine and The BFG’s dream filled jars.

Linked craft sessions will see children creating their own pots full of wonder, whether it’s a fantastical medicine or Formula 86 delayed action mouse make from The Witches.

Gobstoppingly Good Guzzling Treats is the theme for Wednesday August 24 and features all things delicious in Roald Dahl, from the head-spinningly wondrous delights of the Chocolate Factory and Mr Fox’s fantastic feasting to horrid Wormy Spaghetti and Mrs Twit’s Bird Pie.

The tasty interactive session will allow children to create their own pretend sweets and treats worthy of a place in Mr Wonka’s hall of fame.

Tying in closely with the fun sessions at Eagles Meadow will be the annual Big Read being run by Wrexham Library, this year specially entitled The Big Friendly Read in honour of Roald Dahl.

Wrexham children’s librarian Shan Cooper said: “The free reading challenge introduces families to their library, encourages children to choose books freely and independently and is endorsed by parents, teachers and the Department for Education.

“Pupils of all ages love it and we are delighted to be dovetailing this year’s challenge with the special Roald Dahl events at Eagles Meadow and the screening of the BFG movie at the Odeon cinema.

“On the challenge we ask each child to read at least six library books. They can be any books they like – novels, facts books, joke books, e-books and audio books.

“Wrexham Library has staff to help your children choose books they will really enjoy.

“As they read their books, each child will receive a special folder and collector cards – some are scratch ‘n’ sniff – that make up a set, and when they’ve completed the challenge they will receive a certificate or a medal.”

Odeon assistant manager Kenny Kempster said: “The BFG is directed and produced by Steven Spielberg in his first directorial outing for Disney and is based on Roald Dahl’s 1982 novel, the Big Friendly Giant.

“It opens at the Odeon on July 22 starring the Oscar-winning Mark Rylance, Rafe Spall and Penelope Wilton and tells the tale of an orphan girl befriending a benelovent giant who takes her to Giant Country where they attempt to stop man-eating giants invading the human world.

“The film is so hotly anticipated we’re expecting it to be as big for us films like Star Wars and the latest Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

“The screening of BFG is the perfect prelude to the month of special Roald Dahl events at Eagles Meadow and fits in with Wrexham’s Library’s Dahl themed Big Friendly Reading Challenge, so we are delighted to be playing our part in celebrating the work of such an unforgettable story teller.”

Eagles Meadow Centre Manager Kevin Critchley said: “Our Roald Dahl Wednesdays and the special Imagination Seekers events running throughout August are designed to inspire imaginative minds in both young and old.

“They are brilliantly crafted and will help participants to find lost words, make exciting creations and discover fantastical stories in celebration of the wonderful writings of Roald Dahl.”



11am             Imagination Seekers session lasting one hour

12pm           Roald Dahl readings, craft sessions and book giveaways with Miss Gloria Sunbeam

1pm                 Imagination Seekers session lasting one hour

2pm                 Roald Dahl readings, craft sessions and book giveaways with Miss Gloria Sunbeam

3pm                 Imagination Seekers session lasting one hour


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