Mazda CX-5 drive by Steve Rogers

Mazda’s top selling CX-5 is to get a big facelift in the new year which tells us why this year’s updates were fairly modest. One theory was that the company was focussing on its hybrid/electric programme which is in full swing, but there will be ‘significant’ changes to the big SUV which will benefit from […]

Skoda Kamiq drive by Steve Rogers

Remember the Yeti, Skoda’s ground breaking family SUV with the Tonka toy looks? This is its replacement, the Kamiq, and instead of chunky toy think Dr Who’s tardis. Kamiq is the smallest in Skoda’s trio of SUVs coming under Karoq and the big seven seat Kodiaq, and shares much of what you will find in […]

Volvo XC90 drive by Steve Rogers

It started with a Spaniard and ended with a Swede so it was goodbye Seat Tarraco and hello Volvo XC90. For week two of our New Forest caravan adventure we were royally looked after by one of Sweden’s finest, the premium SUV that has well and truly put the company on the road to success, […]

Seat Tarraco drive by Steve Rogers

Hauling my 24ft caravan 250 miles to the New Forest seemed a straight forward enough task for a seven seat SUV until I read the pre delivery spec for the Seat Tarraco. Surely a three-cylinder 1.5 petrol was a mistake? Towbars are always matched with a diesel and Seat has an able 2-litre in its […]

Suzuki Swace drive by Steve Rogers

Getting a new car is exciting, deciding which one can be a headache. Which is the best body shape, best engine; do you go for electric? Then there are the various trim levels and those pricey option packs. I’m getting stressed just writing about it. But what if there was a ‘one size fits all’ […]

Kia Sorento PHEV drive by Steve Rogers

Meet the Kia Sorento, a big SUV with an even bigger story to tell. It has been around for 18 years often trying to overcome SUV badge snobbery but version four has smashed it with more style, more quality, more engines, more technology, more space, more everything. Oh, and more money with the entry plug-in […]

New high-tech £5.8m control room system for “heroes with headsets” will save lives

Police officers will be able to live stream incidents back to the control room when a new high-tech system is operational. According to Paul Shea, the manager of North Wales Police’s control room, the sophisticated On Call software will save lives and reduce stress for staff liaising with officers on the ground. He was speaking […]

Mazda charging for change by Steve Rogers

Whatever your views on air pollution and the switch to electric cars we are on a journey into the unknown. The big switch to electric is scheduled for 2030 but some motoring industry insiders are sceptical that the UK will be ready, leaving us with more questions than answers. Will there be enough charging stations, […]

Audi A8 plug-in hybrid drive by Steve Rogers

It is packed with the sort of wizard technology you would expect to find in a jet fighter with a computer system to match,  and thanks to an electric motor Audi’s luxury A8 is good to go until 2035. Hybrid cars have been given a five year lease of life after new petrol and diesel […]

Honda e drive by Steve Rogers

So now we know. Come 2035 and production of petrol and diesel cars will end for good. Jo Public won’t be able to buy a new conventional engined car after 2030 and the only exception to electric will be hybrid or plug-in hybrid models which will have a five year grace period until the shutters […]