New strip for football dads chasing title win thanks to Wrexham IT firm

A GROUP of dads who formed a football team for ‘a bit of fun’ are targeting another league title win in style thanks to the support of a new IT division at a Wrexham copier firm. Spartan Warriors FC are sponsored by Rawson Digital’s new firm, Rawson IT Services, based next door to the company’s […]

Kia Stinger road test by Steve Rogers  

A KIA capable of 170mph. We are having a laugh aren’t we? Nope, the Korean company that has won over the Brits with hatchbacks and crossovers has moved into the fast lane with a sports saloon destined to challenge the sporting hierarchy that is BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. Enter the Stinger – what a […]

Charity ball raises more than £30,000 for children with rare disease

A CHARITY ball has raised more than £30,000 to help children with a rare genetic disease. Wrexham businessman Vaughn Rawson, managing director of Rawson Digital, and his wife Joanne, staged the event for the eighth time to help families coping with the rare genetic condition known as Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T). The children of Vaughn’s close friends […]

Peugeot 508SW launch report by Steve Rogers

With SUV sales still booming is anyone interested in buying an estate car? Peugeot hope so because it has just launched the 508SW estate and a mighty good looking car it is too. The French company has a strong pedigree with estates, my favourite was the eighties 505 with its third row of seats, a […]

Mazda3 launch report by Steve Rogers

IT has baffled car makers for decades but Mazda reckons it cracked the age old problem of building a petrol engine with the power and economy of a diesel. The 2-litre SkyActive-X is being hailed as ground breaking and has the backing of Bath University Professor Jamie Turner, one of the foremost authorities on the […]

Mercedes X-Class V6 road test by Steve Rogers

MEET the Mercedes X-Class, the poshest pick-up on the planet. The planet? Okay, that’s pushing it a bit but posh, pick-up and planet trip nicely off the tongue. There are lots of custom pick-ups layered in gleaming chrome with outrageous paint jobs strutting their stuff at the classic car shows but as far as a […]

Superjumbo wings in TV first

“Race against time where modern technology meets one of the oldest forces on the planet” The full inside story of how the giant wings of the Airbus A380 ‘superjumbo’ make their first ever journey is being revealed for the first time on television. In their lifetime, the wings will carry the plane over 52 million miles […]

Rapidly rising copier firm launches new IT division creating four jobs

A GROWING Wrexham copier firm has launched a new IT division creating four new jobs. Rawson Digital, based in The Bridge Business Centre on Wrexham Industrial Estate, has created a new company to provide an IT support, consultancy, security and cloud service to new and existing customers. The new firm, which will be known as […]

Boat show will be OO-Heaven with European launch of James Bond-style rib

A James Bond-style amphibious craft that uses four wheel drive to enter and leave the sea will be making its European debut in North Wales. The £220,000 AMP rib will be among the stars of the All Wales Boat and Leisure Snow at the Anglesey Showground from Thursday, May 30, to Saturday, June 1. It […]