Vauxhall Insignia GSi Grand Sport road test by Steve Rogers

THE first words to come from my wife after driving the Vauxhall Insignia were ‘how much does this car cost’? All but £39,000 says I. ‘What! she says with the irritated tone of Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess in TV’s Downton Abbey. ‘It hasn’t got a reversing camera’. The conversation descends into ‘of course it has’ […]

Kia XCeed launch report by Steve Rogers

JUST when you thought the family was complete another one comes along. Meet the XCeed, the fourth edition to the Kia Ceed family. What is it? It is a Ceed hatchback which has gone into the workshop and come out with a change of clothes. Is it needed? The Kia top brass think so and […]

High tech Wrexham firm clinches contract with world leader in financial messaging With pic

A high-tech Wrexham company has landed a three-year deal with the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services. According to chief executive Paul Barlow, the contract was a massive coup for Disclosure Services who have put together a team of nine crack data analysts to provide the service to SWIFT (the Society for Worldwide […]

Toyota Corolla road test by Steve Rogers

WHEN it comes to comebacks there have been some corkers. Winston Churchill famously said “I’m finished” after he was sacked as First Sea Lord in 1915 and look what happened to him. Muhammad Ali regained his world heavyweight boxing title against the odds having spent years in the wilderness for refusing to fight in the […]

Volkswagen Passat launch report by Steve Rogers

WOULDN’T it be great to never worry about breaking a speed limit. Some way of automatically slowing as soon as a speed sign is sighted. Formula 1 cars can be slowed to the pit lane limit at the touch of a button so can anyone take it a stage further? Volkswagen seem to have come […]

Volvo launch news by Steve Rogers

VOLVO is on a mission to make driving safer and cleaner. The buzz word at Volvo is electric. It is already the first manufacturer to offer plug in hybrid versions on its entire seven model range and new UK managing director Kristian Elvefors told me the company’s target is for half its sales to be […]

Subaru launch news by Steve Rogers

THE idea of turning Subaru into the fastest growing brand in the UK with a yearly sales target of 10,000 cars by 2022 sounds little more than wishful thinking. Here is a company virtually anonymous in the UK – sales in 2017 were a paltry 2679 – but half an hour with Torbjorn Lillrud would […]

World class video gamer joins the action at Wrexham IT firm

A former international gamer who found love and friendship across the globe as an avatar in a video game is lending his world class skills to a top IT services firm in Wrexham. Dominic Buckley, 26, who once teamed up against some of the best professional gamers in the world, is bringing his extensive troubleshooting […]

Skoda Octavia road test by Steve Rogers

THIS will sound comical but I have just got out of a car where it seemed Big Brother was watching me! The fictional character in George Orwell’s novel 1984 kept a sinister eye on everyone and that was how it seemed in the Skoda Octavia. As soon as I turned the ignition a message came […]

Seat Tarraco road test by Steve Rogers

FEAST your eyes on this folks, it’s another SUV and a rather smart one at that. This is the new Tarraco from Seat and sits at the top of the Spanish car company’s SUV line up alongside the little Arona and mid-sized Ateca. As with most Seat models the name represents the Spanish homeland and […]